Directions And Fees – Chapter 13

Directions to Ms. Balboa’s Office

Chapter 13 bankruptcy meetings take place at the office of the Chapter 13 trustee, Isabel Balboa. The exact address is the Cherry Tree Corporate Center, 535 Route 38, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 in Room 150. When you come to the meeting make sure to bring 1 or 2 recent pay stubs or other proof of income since you will be asked to verify proof of earnings or other income. This would include proof of social security, unemployment, disability, or child support if any of these apply to you. If you own real estate, please bring a copy of the real estate tax assessment card. MAKE SURE TO BRING GOVERNMENT PHOTO ID AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD.

To get to Ms. Balboa’s office from the Vineland area, take Route 55 North all the way to the end. Route 55 exits onto Route 42 North. After you are on Route 42 North for about 2 miles, you will see signs to your right for Route 130 North. The signs for 130 North come up within about 1 mile or so after you have passed by the overpass for Route 295 North.

Take Route 130 North. This comes up after you have passed the overpass for Route 295. Stay on Route 130 for approximately 2.2 miles. It should take about 5 minutes.

You will then see signs for Route 38, and 70 East (Cherry Hill). Keep to your right and take the exit for 38 and 70 East. Once you are on the exit ramp, keep to your left and take Route 38 East towards Mt. Holly.

Once you are on 38 East, it is about a 1.2 mile trip to Ms. Balboa’s Office. It should take you approximately 3-4 minutes.

The exit to Ms. Balboa’s office will be from the right lane, so after you have been on Route 38 for about a mile, make sure to be in the right lane.

Some landmarks you can look for on your right as you approach Ms. Balboa’s office are the following:

  1. A sign that says “Entering Cherry Hill Township”
  2. A sign for Cuthbert Blvd.
  3. A Hillside Inn
  4. A Days Inn

Ms. Balboa’s office comes almost immediately after you pass by the Days Inn. There is a sign for Longwood Ave and Cherry Tree Corporate Center. Immediately after that sign is a drive way for the Cherry Tree Corporate Center. It is a 5 story building made of silver metal and glass. The word “STAR” is written in large letters on the building. Make a right into the Cherry Tree Corporate Center. There is a parking lot in the front. Continue driving past that parking lot and go to the parking lot in the back of the building. Turn left into the parking lot, at the back of the building.

There is only one driveway and you see the driveway before you see the building. Make sure not to miss the driveway entrance, otherwise it will be much more difficult to get back to that area.

There is a door on the right side of the building and one on the left side of the building. There is also usually a sign outside of the building that says “Hearing Room Entrance” with an arrow that will lead you to the entry door on the right side of the building. You will enter in the door on the right side of the building, and just walk right in. The hearing room is to your immediate right after you have entered the building. Have a great trip. Ms. Balboa is very nice, and you have nothing to worry about. Plan to be there about one hour because they are usually very busy with a lot of cases. They normally schedule 25 cases per hour.

If you get lost or have any other difficulty, you should be able to reach Moshe on his cell phone at 856-503-7203, or the office at 856-696-8300, so call if you have any questions. Ms. Balboa’s office number is 856-663-5002, in case you need to call.

Make sure to keep making your regular trustee payments to Ms. Balboa. Payments should be sent to P.O. Box 1978, Memphis, TN 38101-1978. Payments should be made by money order. Put your case number and name on the money order.

If you are making mortgage payments keep making mortgage payments to the mortgage company. If you are paying rent, keep making rental payments to your landlord. If you are doing a cram down on a car do not pay your car payments anymore since they are being paid through the bankruptcy. If you have a mortgage that is being crammed down, do not pay mortgage payments that are being crammed down. Otherwise, regular mortgage payments should be made to the mortgage company. Only trustee payments go to Ms. Balboa and not regular mortgage payments.

Bankruptcy Fees – Chapter 13

The court filing fee for a Chapter 13 is $310. We need $540 plus the $310 court filing fee before we can file your bankruptcy petition, for a total of $850. The Bankruptcy Court permits payment of any additional attorney fee balance through your monthly plan payments to the Court. Therefore, when we calculate the amount you need to pay each month to the Court on the Chapter 13 plan, this amount will include any attorney fee balance and will be paid to us by the Court.

It is important that you supply us with the names and addresses of all of your creditors. We have to list everyone you owe money to in the bankruptcy papers. Even if there are bills you intend to pay and do not want to wipe out, you still have to list these bills. There is an additional charge of $126 for creditors that have to be added after your petition is filed, so it is much less expensive when you bring us a complete list of all of your creditors and we don’t need to add any creditors later.

If you own real estate, please make sure to advise us if anyone has ever sued you. If you have been sued, a creditor may have obtained a judgment against you. If you own real estate, this judgment could remain as a lien on your real estate even though you are filing bankruptcy. We can normally avoid such a lien by filing a special motion with the Bankruptcy Court. Otherwise, you might try to sell your house someday and find out that you still have to pay a creditor that sued you and obtained a lien on your home.

Even if you don’t own real estate, it is important that you tell us about people that have sued you. If you have a judgment against you, and you buy real estate in the future, that judgment might be a lien against your real estate unless it is removed by a motion filed with the Court. If nothing is done to remove the judgment while you are in bankruptcy, you can still make a motion in the Superior Court of New Jersey, in most cases, to avoid the lien. This procedure requires that the motion in Superior Court be filed at least one year after your bankruptcy discharge.

There is a mandatory credit counseling session done by telephone before the bankruptcy can be filed. It usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes The cost is $50. This fee can sometimes be waived based on severe financial hardship. There is also a second process referred to as the debtor education program. Normally these can be conducted by telephone at a cost of $50. Another option is that the Chapter 13 trustee conducts these sessions about twice a year and you can attend for free. Completion of this program is required for a successful discharge of your bankruptcy.

The normal fee for a Chapter 13 is $3,500. We will start the case upon payment of $540 towards our fee plus court costs of $310, for a total of $850. Any fee balance to our office can be paid to us through the plan.

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