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Are You an Underdog? Meet Seymour - Advocate for The Underdogs

March 10, 2021

I've been a lawyer since 1973, and although many things have changed over the last 48 years, one thing has remained consistent. It seems that I've always been helping the Underdogs. I wish that back in 1973 I would have started keeping a list of the names of all of the people that I was representing. Man, life was sure very, very different back then. No computer, no cell phones, no internet. How did we ever survive? Does anyone remember typewriters, pay phones, carbon paper, phone party lines, and juke boxes?

I'm totally guessing, but I think that over the years I've represented well over 100,000 people. Sure, I've represented a few "famous" people over the years, like:

  1. WWE pro wrestling giant King Kong Bundy (remember when he almost beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania?)

  2. Our beloved by all TV star and role model for kids, "Our gal Sal", Sally Starr,(can you believe every show was on live TV back then?), and

  3. Gene Mori (owner of the old Garden State Race Track in Cherry Hill).

But the vast majority of my clients have always been people that I think of as "Underdogs". These are honest, hard working people who have fallen upon hard times, facing very difficult challenges, very often through no fault of their own. Many of them have been victimized by circumstances beyond their control, and now, so many of my clients have in one way or another been adversely affected by this horrible Covid challenge we have all been facing.

And if that weren't bad enough, so many of my clients are struggling and suffering, facing difficult financial challenges. Will they ever be able to make a mortgage payment again? Is their car going to be repossessed? Are the credit card companies going to sue them, and take money out of their paycheck or freeze their bank account? Is the stimulus check from the government ever going to get here?

So over the years I have become very accustomed to fighting for the Underdogs. I sort of love taking on the big corporate giants - the banks, the mortgage companies, the credit card companies - bring them on, I'm willing to fight them all the way, especially if they are taking unfair advantage of my clients.

I've got clients coming in with mortgage payments, and they are paying as much as 9% interest per year. Paying 9% interest a year for a mortgage in 2021 is outrageously high. Some people these days are paying about 2% per year on new mortgages or refinances, and here is an Underdog client, paying his/her mortgage payments faithfully every month, and the mortgage company doesn't even offer them an opportunity to lower their interest rate. .And to top it off, when I ask my client if they know how much their interest rate is per year, they have no idea. Now there's an example of an Underdog that badly needs our help. We should be able to save our client a fortune by getting them a refi to maybe 3% or less. When we do the math, we might be saving our client $50,000 or more in interest over the years.

How about the hard working Underdog that comes in and owes $20,000 on their car loan balance. They've had the car for 3 years, and the car is only worth $12,000 right now. This Underdog is also paying 18% interest on the car loan, when in 2021 some people are getting car loans at 2%, and some people are even paying less than that. This Underdog is paying way way way too much, We've got to jump into action and help them reduce their car balance from $20,000 to $12,000, and we've got to get their interest rate knocked way down. We can save this client $8000 on the car balance, and maybe another $5000 or more by substantially reducing their interest rate. That's a total savings of $13,000 or more on their car payments. This client is no longer an Underdog or a victim. Instead our client has claimed his victory over debt, and he has defeated the big corporate giant bank that was taking so much unfair advantage over him.

Are we afraid to fight the fight that needs to be fought against the big bad banks and mortgage companies on behalf of our Underdogs? On the contrary, we look forward to slaying the corporate giants, because we've got the law on our side. Remember the Bible story of David vs. Goliath? Well, if they had permitted legal betting in Las Vegas back then, the odds would probably have been 1000 to 1 that David would have any chance whatsoever to win that battle. But with the help of God and his trusty slingshot, one shot was all it took for David to kill that giant. Well, when you've got the law on your side, and the right people fighting for you, miracles can happen.

Here's another example of an Underdog that is getting ripped off. He comes to us after having paid $3000 to some rinky dink mortgage loan modification place that they found on the internet. They've been waiting for months and months to get their mortgage payments reduced, but nothing is happening except that the mortgage company is moving towards a sheriff's sale of their home, and this guy can't even get this rip off loan modification place supposedly from California on the phone. We jump into action and set him up with a non profit local consumer credit counseling and debt management place, and we help him get a totally free loan modification, and he saves his home. When we do the math for him, he will be saving about $50,000 in mortgage payments over the life of the loan.

Are you an Underdog? Are you afraid of fighting the mortgage company, the bank, the car finance company or the credit card companies? If so, well maybe we can help you turn your fear into faith. Maybe we can help you turn your losing battle around and claim victory from the jaws of defeat. Maybe we can help you turn your depression into joy, your tears into cheers. Instead of being stressed, maybe you can be blessed.

Maybe if wouldn't hurt you to pick up the phone and call us. Let's see if our Underdog Advocates can help you win your battle.