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Real Estate Attorney in Vineland, New Jersey

Real estate transactions involve complex contracts that could affect your immediate and future rights. A real estate dispute could have a significant impact on your property investment. Whether you are interested in a real estate purchase or facing a real estate dispute, an experienced attorney can protect your rights and safeguard your immediate and future interests in real estate investments.

At the Law Offices of Seymour Wasserstrum, we can assist in representing individuals, families, businesses, landlords, tenants, and property owners in a broad range of real estate transactions and disputes.

Commercial Real Estate • Residential Real Estate • Closings • Disputes

Contact us today for an immediate consultation or case evaluation regarding any of the following residential or commercial real estate matters:

Buying, Selling, and Closings

We are experienced in representing both homeowners and buyers in the entire purchase and sale process. If you are a buyer we can help you negotiate and draft a contract that will protect your rights in a real estate transaction, including disclosure agreements and the purchase agreement. If you are a seller we take necessary legal steps to ensure your rights are protected now and into the future. Most people buying or selling a home do not realize that they do not have an advisor interested in protecting their rights. No real estate agent will provide the legal counsel you need. Before you sign a real estate agreement, be sure to consult with an experienced real estate lawyer who can inform you of your rights and obligations.

We can represent clients in all residential and commercial real estate transactions and disputes. Protect your investments and your rights with a real estate firm you can trust.

Landlord-Tenant Law and Lease Disputes

We represent property owners, landlords, and tenants in lease disputes, including eviction. If you are a tenant seeking to protect your rights or a landlord with tenant issues in a residential or commercial lease, please contact us for an immediate case evaluation.

Navigating a Real Estate Transaction?

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning and land use issues may arise for businesses seeking to use the property for a certain use or for homeowners interested in remodeling or in cases of eminent domain. We can help landowners assert their rights in easement cases, boundary disputes, and all cases involving zoning or land use.

Foreclosure Defense

If you are seeking to prevent the foreclosure of your home or commercial property, we can assist you in taking steps towards debt relief to prevent the foreclosure of your mortgage. We will help you explore all of your options, including bankruptcy, to prevent the foreclosure of your residential or commercial real estate.

Contact the Law Offices of Seymour Wasserstrum for a free consultation with an experienced residential or commercial real estate lawyer in Vineland, New Jersey.