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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Vineland, New Jersey

Wipeout Your Bills Now – It Can Be Easy When You Know How

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 7 is an ideal way to wipe out your debts. Chapter 7 takes about 4 months. When a Chapter 7 is over, you receive a discharge from the Bankruptcy Court. This means that your bills are legally wiped out. Your debts have been forgiven by the power of the federal government and the United States Constitution. That's right, the bankruptcy laws have been provided for in our Constitution, and filing for bankruptcy is your Constitutional right.

Get Debt Relief and Stress Relief. Sleep Better and Feel Better

Approximately 1 million Americans have filed for bankruptcy, during each of the last several years, and they have undoubtedly not only received debt relief, but they may have also obtained the ability to take a deep breath, breathe a big sigh of relief, and realize that all of the financial stress that they suffered from has finally disappeared.

If they have filed a successful chapter 7, they have now received the opportunity to totally keep all of the property they owned and be debt-free. They have been given the right to re-establish their credit, to apply for new credit cards, to finance new vehicles, and to ultimately attempt to buy a home and obtain a mortgage at a reasonable interest rate.

So do you think that their outlook on their lives and their futures has improved or diminished? Do you think they now have a negative attitude or a positive attitude about their future? Do you think they sleep better and feel better? Do you think they are still worried when they hear their phone ring? Do you think their relationships with their spouses, their family, and their friends are now better or worse?

Bankruptcy Worked Pretty Well for Donald Trump

Are you aware that Donald Trump has used the liberal bankruptcy laws of our country to file Chapter 11 bankruptcies for some of his businesses on at least 6 occasions?

I'm guessing that he may have saved billions of dollars (or at least multiple millions).

So, do you think that you should be afraid to use the laws of this great nation for the purposes for which they were intended? Do you feel bad for those multi-billion-dollar banks and finance companies that have been charging you extremely high interest rates over the years? Do you think they feel bad for you?

Beware of Plastic Poison

I call credit cards “plastic poison.” And I call those credit card companies “plastic poison pushers.” You can guess why. Stop Swallowing the Poison. Get Total Protection. You can take control, and you can take charge. Filing for bankruptcy offers people the right to total protection from their creditors.

The right to stop the lawsuits, stop the phone calls and letters, stop the harassment, stop the wage garnishments, stop the attempts to repo vehicles and freeze bank accounts, get back vehicles that have already been recently repossessed, get back money that has been taken from previous wage garnishments, get back money that has been frozen from bank accounts, get back your driver's license if surcharges on your license have been keeping you from legally driving, and so much more.

Can Chapter 7 Change Your Life?

The following objectives can usually be accomplished by successfully completing Chapter 7:

(1) Completely wipe out your credit card debt. Chapter 7 is an excellent way to wipe out all of your credit card debt and stop those bill collectors and collection agencies from constantly calling and harassing you. We have found that many clients have no idea how much their interest rate is on their credit card debt. I have seen credit card debt as high as 29.99%. Isn't that outrageous when you consider what kind of interest rate you earn when you put your money into a bank account? Haven't they made enough money from you over the years?

Do you want to stop those plastic poison pushers from ruining your life? Chapter 7 just might provide the antidote that you need.

(2) Medical bills, dental bills, doctor bills, hospital bills. You can wipe out all sorts of medical bills that are not covered by insurance, and you can be released of all responsibility for those bills.

(3) Utility bills such as gas, electric, telephone, cable, and cell phone bills. You can wipe out your utility bills. A public utility such as Atlantic City Electric, Verizon, and South Jersey Gas must continue to provide you with service in the future.

Cell phone bills are a little bit different. Cell phone bills can be wiped out, but your cell phone company is not legally required to continue to provide cell phone service to you in the future. But when you think about it, wouldn't it be sort of stupid for them not to provide you with future service? I mean think of how much money they would lose over the years if they didn't continue to give you cell phone service.

And if your present cell phone company that you owe money to doesn't want you to have additional cell phone time in the future, what's the big deal? There are so many other providers that would be happy to give you service, and of course, you can keep your same phone number.

You can usually save a lot of money when you wipe out your utility bills and your cell phone bills.

Has your gas or electric been turned off? Here's how you can quickly get warm, start cooking again, and see the light.

Are you ready for a special bankruptcy bonus? If your gas or electric service has been turned off by a public utility for failure to pay your bill, they are almost always required to turn it back on for you. There is a pretty good chance that you can get your service restored on the same day that you file your bankruptcy case.

We have had clients with electric bills well over $1000 have their service immediately turned right back on, once they have filed for bankruptcy.

The utility company will usually have the right to ask you to make a reasonable security deposit within about 20 days after your case is filed. If you need more time to do that, or if you think the amount of money they are asking for is too high based on what your normal monthly bill is, just let us know, and we can probably negotiate a deal for you with the electric or gas company.

(4) Wipe Out Income Taxes that are more than 3 years old and that were filed more than 2 years ago. Chapter 7, believe it or not, can often help you wipe out certain income tax bills owed to either the IRS, or to the State of New Jersey. We need to specifically review each situation before we can advise our clients whether or not their income taxes can legally be wiped out in a Chapter 7.

If you owe money to Uncle Sam let us know, and we'll see if there is a way to get those debts wiped out in Chapter 7.

(5) Wipe Out personal unsecured loans and PayDay loans. If you have an unsecured loan from a place such as a credit union, One Main Financial, Mariner, Prosper, Avant, or other similar loans, you can usually wipe them out in Chapter 7.

(6) Wipe Out Surcharges on your driver's license, and get your license back. New Jersey Motor Vehicle surcharges can usually be discharged in Chapter 7. Many people don't have a legal driver's license simply because they can't afford to pay their surcharges. By filing Chapter 7, you can become eligible to get your license back, provided that failure to pay surcharges is the only reason keeping you from getting your license.

You might even be lucky enough to get your license back on the very same day that you file your case.

(7) Discharge Legal Fees. You can usually even wipe out legal fees that you owe to an attorney for services performed.

(8) Discharge debts on bail bonds. If you cosigned for someone's bail, you can wipe that out.

(9) Stop people from suing you. Filing for bankruptcy will usually stop all lawsuits against you.

(10) Stop wage garnishments on your salary. Chapter 7 automatically prohibits and stops most wage executions. Here's a Special Bonus: If a creditor has taken $600 or more out of your salary during the 90 days immediately prior to your Chapter 7 filing date, many times we can get all of that money back for you. Please make sure to let us know if this applies to you.

(11) Release liens on Frozen bank accounts. A lot of times creditors freeze your bank account and you start bouncing checks because you never saw it coming. If that money has not yet been turned over to the creditor as the result of a Court order ordering turnover of funds, in many cases we can get the frozen funds released back to you fairly quickly.

(12) Stop Sheriff's Sales on homes and personal property. If the Sheriff has scheduled a sale of your home or another real estate, or a sale of personal assets such as a car, household items, or other personal property, the Sheriff's Sale can usually be stopped by filing Chapter 7.

(13) Stop Evictions. Chapter 7 will usually help you stop and delay efforts by a landlord to evict you if you have had trouble keeping up to date with your rent.

(14) The primary purposes of Chapter 7 are to (a) get you totally out of debt in about 4 months (b) let you keep everything you already own including your home, your car, your money, your personal assets, and personal belongings, and even the money you have in your IRA and qualified retirement accounts, and (c) help you get a fresh financial start and reestablish your credit so you can soon get credit cards again, finance vehicles, and purchase homes and get mortgages on homes you buy in the future, and (d) get stress relief, sleep better at night, feel better about yourself and face the world with a positive attitude about your future.

Let's Discuss Liquidation

Get a Fresh Start. Get Debt Relief and Stress Relief at The Same Time.

Remember that one of the main purposes of Chapter 7 is to help you get a fresh financial start, put the past behind you, and wipe out your bills so that you are free of burdensome debt. Chapter 7 stops creditors from calling you harassing you, and driving you nuts.

There is no shame or stigma attached to filing a Chapter 7 case. About 1 million people file for bankruptcy every year in the United States. Done properly, bankruptcy can be a very positive experience that will help you have a much brighter financial future.

Obviously, there is a lot of financial stress when you've got lots of bills. Keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and in most situations, our clients get not only substantial debt relief but substantial stress relief. The important thing to remember is don't quit, and don't give up. We can teach you how to stop collection agents from calling you, harassing you, and stopping all contact completely. Call us and we will show you how.

We have observed that for most people when you get into a difficult situation and have to file a Chapter 7, the events that have led up to the need to file a Chapter 7 are not your fault. Maybe you lost your job because your employer closed down or moved its business. Maybe there were unexpected medical problems for yourself or a member of your family. Maybe a break up of a relationship contributed to the financial difficulty. And maybe you were impacted by Covid 19 events.

I would guess that it's not your fault that you've got all of these challenging money issues.

Be Grateful

You can be grateful and thankful that the law in the United States gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. In fact, the roots of bankruptcy are in the Bible, in the Book of Deuteronomy, which speaks of the forgiveness of debts, and the Year of Jubilee.

When your case is over, your debts will be forgiven. It is also important to forgive yourself if you feel badly about your situation. You want to make this a positive experience that you can learn from.

It doesn't matter how much you owe an unsecured debt. You could owe $5,000, you could owe $50,000, you could owe $250,000, or you could owe $1 million. If you qualify for Chapter 7 you walk away with a discharge after about four months, and you are free and legally released from those debts. Your debts have been forgiven.

Take a moment and visualize yourself four months from now, totally debt-free. What is that going to feel like?

Are there things you are going to be able to do then that you can't do now? What could your life be like when you are free from the bondage of debt?

Reasonable Fees

To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will pay a Bankruptcy Court filing fee, a credit counseling fee, and our law firm's attorney fee. Please call for current fees associated with the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.