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Bankruptcy Attorney in Vineland, New Jersey

I am committed to helping people and businesses use their rights under the United States Constitution to get legal debt relief, and in the process, my clients usually also get a whole lot of stress relief. The law gives you the right to get debt relief, and many times stress relief is even more important. The ability to sleep at night, think clearly, and make the right decisions that will influence the rest of your life is often badly affected by financial stress. They say that desperate people do desperate things. Many people that come to me have made a lot of bad decisions while in a state of desperation.

The important thing to remember, no matter how bad your situation, may appear to be is this:


People can often turn their whole lives around when they file for bankruptcy. You may not realize that between 1 to 2 million people use the bankruptcy process every year to legally free themselves from debt. You may also not realize that President Trump has previously used the bankruptcy process at least 6 times in his career to help restructure overwhelming debt for some of his many businesses.

If the President of the United States can use the bankruptcy process to have obtained debt relief for his businesses, why would you feel guilty or ashamed to use the laws of this great country to obtain the fresh financial start that you and your loved ones deserve? Learn more about how bankruptcy can turn your life around by scheduling a free, personalized case evaluation with my firm, the Law Offices of Seymour Wasserstrum. I serve individuals in Vineland, New Jersey, as well as the surrounding areas of Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Hamilton, and Newark.

How Can I Help?

When you are facing harassment from bill collectors, overwhelming credit card debt, unmanageable medical expenses, foreclosure, repossession, or other financial difficulties, I can strive to help you obtain a fresh start and the debt relief you need.

And getting a fresh financial start and stress relief could very well positively impact many other areas of your life: your health, your family, your relationships, your vision for the future, your ability to make sound decisions, your attitude, your future financial success, and so much more.

I will take the time to assess your needs and discuss various options and alternatives to formulate a debt relief plan for you so that you can obtain a fresh financial start.

Pretty much everyone knows that by filing for bankruptcy you can stop a mortgage foreclosure and sheriff sale, you can stop your landlord from evicting you, and you can wipe out credit card bills, personal loans, and medical bills. But many people don't realize that bankruptcy can often help them accomplish much more.

For example, I can strive to help clients wipe out utility bills and have their utility service turned back on if it has been turned off; I can potentially stop a vehicle repo, and I can often help clients get their car back if they act quickly after a repossession; I can often help clients wipe out payday loans, surcharges on their driver's license (and often have their driving privilege restored), wipe out money owed to lawyers for legal services, and even wipe out old income tax bills. And if a client has a wage garnishment, I can often stop that garnishment immediately upon the bankruptcy filing.

Furthermore, if a creditor has taken $600 or more out of a client's paycheck within the 90 days before bankruptcy has been filed, there is a good chance that I can get all of that money returned to my client. I recently got $1600 back for one of my clients from a creditor that should not have continued to pursue their wage garnishment.

And if you've had your bank account frozen, let me know, because the filing of a bankruptcy will often help you get that frozen money released back to you. Even if you don't file for bankruptcy, New Jersey law permits a $1000 exemption. This means that a creditor cannot take all your money and leave you penniless. If I notify the court that you want to have the first $1000 released to you, I often can get that money quickly released back to you.

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

I can also help my bankruptcy clients to hopefully reestablish their credit, and I can give them pointers that will hopefully help them finance cars and obtain mortgages for homes in the future.

Helping People Save Their Homes

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Are you facing a foreclosure or a sheriff's sale? Don't give up. There can be several ways to save your home, even if you are way behind on your mortgage. For example, most mortgage companies offer loan modifications, where they can restructure your loan and put all the arrears at the back end of the mortgage. They can also reduce your interest rate and reduce your monthly payments. And sometimes the mortgage company may even forgive some of your outstanding mortgage balance!

Even if you have a sheriff's sale scheduled, you still may be able to stop the sale and save your home. And sometimes even after a sheriff's sale has taken place, if you act quickly after the sale, you may still be able to get your home back.

Bankruptcy Resources

Bankruptcy Misconceptions

As a practicing attorney since 1973, I have heard a lot of people tell me stories about their beliefs concerning bankruptcy. It seems that many people really have a total misunderstanding of the bankruptcy process, and the main purposes of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - What You Must Know

Chapter 7 is an ideal way to wipe out your unsecured debts. Chapter 7 takes about 4 months. When a Chapter 7 is over, your case is done and you receive a discharge from the Bankruptcy Court. This means that your bills are legally wiped out, and you are entitled to a fresh financial start.

New Jersey Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Often More Powerful than Chapter 7

Remember that one of the main purposes of Chapter 13 is to help you get a fresh financial start, put the past behind you, and deal with your bills in the way that is best for you. Chapter 13 gives you an opportunity to catch up on bills that you have to pay and wipe out bills that you can legally wipe out.

If you're ready to file for bankruptcy, I'm ready to help. Reach out to me in Vineland, New Jersey, today to get started.