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Can Bankruptcy Be Fun?

Jan. 8, 2018

Many clients who come to see us for the first time are scared, worried, and fearful. They don't know what their future holds.

Will they lose their home? Will their car be repossessed?

Will bill collectors freeze their bank account or take their paychecks? Will bill collectors take their pension or retirement money?

They have heard about bankruptcy, but they don't really know how it works. And many of the things they have heard simply aren't the truth.

They don't realize that if they file a successful bankruptcy they can keep everything that they own;

They don't realize that many people can often reestablish their credit after bankruptcy;

They don't realize that many people can easily finance cars shortly after filing for bankruptcy;

They don't realize that people can obtain a mortgage to buy a home about two years after their bankruptcy has been successfully completed.

And finally, they don't realize that if this is the first time they are filing for bankruptcy, they will only be 5 bankruptcies behind Donald Trump.

Many people can also stop sheriff's sales and obtain reductions in their mortgage payments, even if they are very far behind in their mortgage payments. We have had clients that are three or more years behind in their mortgage payments, and we have helped them reduce their mortgage payments, and save their homes from sheriff's sale.

If you file bankruptcy with our office, we will do our best to make it an easy and positive experience for you.

We want you to have a happy bankruptcy, and we believe that if you approach bankruptcy with the right attitude, your bankruptcy can actually be a fun experience.

When you realize that the bill collectors will no longer be able to call you, write to you, or sue you;

When you realize that your home will be protected from foreclosure and your vehicles will be protected from repossession;

When you understand that in 4 months you could be totally debt free;

And when you realize that your creditors no longer have power over you, well at that point you realize that you now have power over your creditors, you can look forward to a much brighter financial future for you and your family, and you can celebrate your victory over debt.

So why not be grateful and thankful that we have laws in this country that permit and encourage people to get a fresh start, and move forward towards a much brighter financial future. And don't feel bad for the bill collectors. Those credit card companies make billions, and they know that about 2 million people file for bankruptcy every year, so they factor all of that into their profit margin.

Therefore, we hope that you have a very happy and fun bankruptcy, and why not plan a “totally out of debt celebration” when you get that notice of your bankruptcy discharge from the court – that means your debts have been forgiven and you are free to start your new life.