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Can Bankruptcy Be Your Blessing?

Feb. 12, 2021

Many clients who come to see us for the first time are scared, worried, and fearful. They don't know what their future holds. Will they lose their home? Will their car be repossessed? Will the bill collectors freeze their bank account or take their paychecks? Will the bill collectors take their retirement money or their pension? Many of the things they have heard simply aren't the truth.

Examples of what people can accomplish with a successful bankruptcy:

  • People who file a successful bankruptcy, can keep everything they own

  • Many people can quickly reestablish their credit after bankruptcy;

  • Many people can easily finance cars shortly after filing for bankruptcy;

  • Many people can obtain a mortgage to buy a home about two years after their bankruptcy has been successfully completed.

  • Many people can stop sheriff's sales and reduce their mortgage payments, even if they are very far behind in their mortgage.

  • We've had clients more than 3 years behind on their mortgage, and we've helped lower their payments, and stop their sheriff's sale.

  • The bill collectors won't be able to call you, write to you, or sue you.

  • In 4 months you could be totally debt free;

  • Your creditors no longer have power over you,

  • Many people can look forward to their much brighter financial future for them and their family, and they celebrate their victory over debt.

If you file bankruptcy with our office, we will do our best to make it an easy and positive experience for you.

We want you to have a happy bankruptcy, and we believe that if you approach bankruptcy with the right attitude, your bankruptcy can actually be a blessed experience.

So why not be grateful and thankful that we have laws in this country that permit and encourage people to get a fresh start and move forward towards a much brighter financial future. And don't feel bad for the bill collectors. Those credit card companies make billions, and they know that usually about 1 to 2 million people file for bankruptcy every year, so they factor all of that into their profit margin.

Bankruptcy can therefore be a very big blessing to many people. As indicated previously on pages 13 and 14, many people believe that the concept of bankruptcy is based on The Bible, and that bankruptcy is similar to Biblical principles that are based on forgiveness of debt.

When you have successfully completed your bankruptcy case, you receive a document called a “Discharge”, and this means that Congress and the United States government have forgiven the debts you owed before you filed your bankruptcy. This also means that you no longer have to fear any bill collectors, lawyers, sheriff's officers, or others who may be trying to intimidate you into paying your old debts.

You of course will be responsible for new bills that you incur after you have filed for bankruptcy, and hopefully you will be able to re-establish your credit quickly. If you have any problems getting credit in the future, we can introduce you to a man than helps some of our clients improve their credit after they have successfully completed their bankruptcy.

Many people can qualify to get a home mortgage about two years after their bankruptcy discharge, and many people can finance a car immediately after they receive their discharge.

We therefore hope that you have a very happy, and fun, and blessed bankruptcy, and why not plan a “totally out of debt celebration” when you get that notice of your bankruptcy discharge from the court – that means your debts have been forgiven and you are free to start your new life.

Congratulations, and best wishes for a much brighter and happier financial future. Be Blessed!

DISCLAIMER: We set forth herein results that many people can obtain through a successful bankruptcy. This does not mean, however, that every client can obtain all of the results listed. Every client's case is individually analyzed on its own merits, and if you retain our office to represent you, we will advise you what results we believe we can achieve for you.