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Can Seniors File for Bankruptcy?

May 15, 2021

As financial challenges are becoming more and more difficult for just about everyone, many senior citizens have found that they simply don't have enough money to be able to live a stress free and debt free retirement. Health care costs and elder care costs have gone through the roof for many seniors. As a result of these and other circumstances, senior citizens are one of the largest groups now filing for bankruptcy protection, and for the vast majority of them. it is a very smart decision.

I mean, who really wants to be living in their 70s and 80s, straddled with unaffordable debt, and under tremendous stress and anxiety? There is no shame or stigma in filing for bankruptcy, and many people have considered it one of the smartest financial planning decisions they have ever made. If the government gives you the almost unlimited opportunity to wipe out your bills in about 4 months, and keep all of your property, why wouldn't you take that opportunity, especially if you were in your 70s or 80s?

Seniors who qualify can file for Chapter 7 and have all of their debts forgiven in about 4 months. This includes medical debt, which is a source of a lot of stress for seniors. They will obtain a bankruptcy discharge which means that creditors can no longer harass them or pursue any kind of collection efforts against them. Hopefully, they will achieve quick debt relief, and possibly more importantly, they will achieve quick stress relief. Hopefully, their blood pressure will go down, they will sleep better at night, and hopefully get a lot more enjoyment out of their "golden years".

Remember that one of the most important benefits of bankruptcy is that it is intended to protect people from becoming broke or fully dependent on government aid. Therefore, retirement accounts are protected from bankruptcy proceedings, as is social security income. This means that seniors can pretty much have lots of money in their retirement accounts, and still completely wipe out their debts without paying anything at all to the bill collectors.

If you are a senior and thinking about maybe filing for bankruptcy so that you can finally get the debt relief and stress relief that you deserve, feel free to call Seymour.

Seymour will give you a totally free in depth analysis and evaluation, and strategize a game plan for you to successfully move forward. He can be your Underdog Advocate against those nasty bill collectors if you turn him loose to fight for you.