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Seymour’s 2021 Bankruptcy Success Guide Part 4 - Chapter 7 – Your Constitutional Right

Feb. 5, 2021

Not surprisingly, many clients that come to us often feel guilty or ashamed that they need to seek bankruptcy relief. You don't have to feel that way. Feel grateful and appreciative instead. Here's the bottom line: in all likelihood the position you are in now is not your fault.

FOR SURE, YOU HAVEN'T CAUSED THE COVID-19 VIRUS AND THE CURRENT ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. Or maybe you've had medical problems, matrimonial problems, layoffs, accidents (we might be able to help you get money if you were injured in an accident - tell us all about it). Many people just like you are feeling the pain and suffering the consequences.

Our government has bailed out multibillion dollar corporations. Do you think those companies feel bad about taking the money? I think they feel happy that there are laws in this country that help them. And, like most smart people, they use those laws for their benefit.
Doesn't it make sense that hard working, honest people should also be smart and use the law for their benefit?

That's what Chapter 7 is all about. Honest people getting a fresh start so that they can move towards a much brighter financial future. I believe that as many as 1.5 million people or more may file for bankruptcy in 2021.

If you still feel bad, please read the following quote from a document that the Bankruptcy Court has given to people in the past:
“The purpose of the bankruptcy discharge is to give you a fresh start in life. The Bankruptcy Code gives you that in the legal sense, by relieving you of the obligation to pay your debts, so that you can start over.”

“When Congress enacted the Bankruptcy Code, it believed that there should be no stigma or shame involved in needing to seek relief in bankruptcy. However, many debtors still feel guilty or ashamed that they needed such relief.”

“Just as Congress has forgiven your debts so you should also forgive yourself for requesting such relief if you feel badly about it. Many people need such relief at some point in their lives, for a great variety of reasons. Whatever your reasons may have been, you will not do yourself or anyone else any good by punishing yourself about it. So, learn what you can from this experience, wipe the slate clean in all respects, and good luck on your fresh start.”

A while back, CNN did a special report on bankruptcy. They correctly concluded that there is no stigma or shame involved in filing for bankruptcy. You are entitled to a fresh start and to improve your credit in the future. Chapter 7 can help you do just that. If you need to file for bankruptcy, it's your Constitutional right and privilege.

I say be smart. Be happy that we have laws in this country that protect honest people who face financial challenges. Take advantage of your opportunity to get a fresh financial start. Don't you think that you deserve it?

Do you feel bad for those billion dollar corporations who have been charging you all kinds of crazy interest rates, and forcing you deeper and deeper into debt?

Isn't it time to stop the struggling and the suffering?
The law is here to protect you and to help you. Why not wipe out your bills now? It's really not that difficult when you know how, and we'd be happy to show you how.

Shift the balance of power in your favor.
Instead of feeling like a victim with no control over anything, you can take control, and the creditors will have to back off and leave you alone.

You exercise your legal rights granted to you by the federal government, and you can get complete protection from those bill collectors. Here are just a few examples of what people can often do:

  1. Stop lawsuits against you. Stop mortgage and tax lien foreclosures.

  2. Stop wage garnishments.

  3. Release money from a frozen bank account.

  4. Stop vehicle repossessions and often get back vehicles that have been recently repossessed.

  5. Stop sheriff sales, and often reduce your mortgage payments.

  6. Wipe out credit card bills, medical bills, some old income taxes, etc.

  7. Wipe out MVC surcharges on your driver's license.

  8. Wipe out utility bills, and get your electric and gas turned on again if it's been shut off for failure to pay the bills.

  9. After bankruptcy, many people can often get their credit back and get mortgages, car loans, and credit cards again.

  10. If you qualify, get money back that's been taken out of your pay by wage garnishment over the last 90 days before bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy can be a really beautiful blessing for you and your family.

You can have debt relief, stress relief, and a whole lot more.