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Seymour’s 2021 Bankruptcy Success Guide Top 25 Reasons to File for Bankruptcy

Feb. 14, 2021

Seymour's 25 Best Reasons to File for Bankruptcy:

DISCLAIMER: We set forth below results that many people can obtain through a successful bankruptcy. This does not mean, however, that every client can obtain all of the results listed. Every client's case is individually analyzed on its own merits, and if you retain our office to represent you, we will advise you what results we believe we can achieve for you. Call for a Free Consultation

  1. Stop Mortgage Foreclosure and Save your home

  2. Substantially reduce your monthly mortgage payment

  3. Immediately Stop a Sheriff's Sale

  4. Become Completely Debt Free in Four Months

  5. Reestablish Your Credit Quickly, and learn how to get a mortgage in the future

  6. Eliminate all of your credit card debt.

  7. Eliminate all medical bills.

  8. Wipe out all utility bills.

  9. Get your electric or gas turned back on.

  10. Wipe out many old income taxes.

  11. Wipe out pay day loans.

  12. Wipe out Motor Vehicle Surcharges and get your license back.

  13. Wipe out fees you owe to your lawyer.

  14. Keep everything you own including your home and your retirement money.

  15. Stop Wage Garnishments.

  16. Release money on frozen bank accounts.

  17. Stop your landlord from evicting you.

  18. Stop vehicle repossession, and get it back if you take quick action and see us.

  19. Substantially reduce your monthly car payments.

  20. Wipe out second mortgages.

  21. Reduce mortgage payoffs on rental or investment properties.

  22. Forgiveness of debt is based on the Bible.

  23. Bankruptcy is your constitutional right. The law is there to help you, so use it.

  24. About 1 million or more people file for bankruptcy every year.

  25. It worked for Donald Trump, and it just might work for you. Get the relief you need.