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Seymour was polite, an understanding listener, and seemed to care immediately about my issue

In an attempt to secure legal assistance I called Mr Wasserstrum's office, and was greeted by his assistant Desiree H who listened in detail to me explain my issue. I could hear her typing notes as to bring the attorney up to speed in regard to my legal issue. She placed me on hold while attempting to have an attorney speak with me. A minute later she came back on the line and expressed her concern for MY time, and asked if instead of remaining on hold, I would like a call back. Luckily, council became available at that moment. I have operated and managed businesses, and I wish that I had hired people who could demonstrate the customer service skills which Desiree H. exhibited, she reflects the personality of this firm.
When Mr. Wasserstrum came onto the line he was already abreast of my issue, and eager to help. Seymour was polite, an understanding listener, and seemed to care immediately about my issue. Because my issue was not his fortes, he went out of his way to phone other attorneys to insure that I be represented properly. He allocated time from his busy day for myself and my children who are effected in this case. Seymour is foremost a compassionate human being who seems to possess a thorough understanding of social obligation and courtesy for one another. I have dealt with several attorneys and have never encountered another lawyer who was more considerate, nor generous with his time. If you have ANY legal issues I would STRONGLY suggest that you call Mr. Wasserstrum first. If you have any questions as to the validity of my statements here, or in general, you may email me at [email protected] Thank you Seymour and kudos to you and your staff for all that you have done!

– Keegan Rothman

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