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Seymour has been creating a series of brief educational videos intended to help New Jersey residents who are facing serious financial challenges during these difficult times.
The primary focus of the videos is to enlighten New Jersey residents on the benefits and blessings of bankruptcy so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not bankruptcy can be the ideal solution to resolve their financial problems.
Seymour believes that many people have misconceptions and misunderstandings about the purposes and benefits of bankruptcy, and as a practicing New Jersey attorney for over 47 years, Seymour shares his perspective on various important legal principles and beliefs about bankruptcy.
We hope that you find the videos educational, informative, and enlightening.
We list below some of the topics discussed on videos that either have already been posted or will be posted in the near future:
1) Can I get out of all my bills and keep my property?
2) Can I file bankruptcy and wipe out my student loans?
3) How do I get my car back after a repossession?
4) What is a mortgage loan forbearance, and how can I get one?
5) How can I save money on my car payments?
6) How can bankruptcy help you get your driver's license back and wipe out your surcharges?
7) Can bankruptcy stop wage garnishments taken from your paycheck?
8) How can I get money released from a frozen bank account?
9) How can you stop eviction when you are behind in your rent?
10) Don't let the bill collectors drive you nuts.
11) What can you do if you are being sued?
12) How long does it take to foreclose?
13) Bankruptcy is not a dirty word.
14) Can you wipe out medical bills in bankruptcy?
15) Can someone take my home if I don't pay my real estate taxes on time?
16) Can the mortgage company lock me out of my house if I miss a few payments?
17) Can I wipe out utility bills when I file for bankruptcy? What can you do if the electric company or gas company has shut off your service?
18) How can you get back money back that was taken from your paycheck before you filed for bankruptcy?
19) You don't need to file for bankruptcy when you are "judgment proof"
20) How can I stop a sheriff's sale on my home?
21) Can I buy a house and get a mortgage after filing for bankruptcy?
22) Can I wipe out a second mortgage on my home?
23)  Can I reduce my mortgage payoff on an investment property?
24)  Can I get rid of court fines by filing for bankruptcy?
25) Can I wipe out income taxes by filing for bankruptcy?
26) What is Cash for Keys?

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